Amway India Preferred Customer Program

By | October 24, 2015

Amway preferred customerAmway India preferred customer program is launched by November 2015. After making aggressive changes in its basic compensation plan in September 2015, the company announced another major restructuring.


This post is updated on 6th April 2016 after considering minor changes with effective from 01.08.2016.

Let us see in detail what is there in it for its preferred customers.

The program starts effectively from 4th November 2015. Till now the only way to associate with Amway is to become their distributor by submitting required documents.  The major function of a distributor is selling products and build a sales team to sell more.

Now the company opens up its membership to people who just wants to be their loyal customers. Through Amway India Preferred Customer Program, the customers will get

  • Products at Distributor Price. (Discounted Price)
  • Can participate in Loyalty Program
  • Loyalty points can be redeemed as products
  • For every 100 Rupees spent, 1 point is awarded. One point is One rupee for redemption calculation.
  • Avail all promotions and offers floated for its distributors.
  • There is no minimum requirement for redemption.
  • Can become its distributor if he wish
  • Can buy directly from Amway using his identification number
  • Covered by its 100% money back guarantee

How a preferred customer differs from distributor?

  • No commitments
  • Cannot sell and build a team
  • No FSSAI registration required
  • No mandatory training requirement
  • Can change his sponsor at his will. No 6 month inactivity required. Loyalty points earned thus far can also be taken with.
  • There will be rationing for all products

How to join as Amway India Preferred Customer?

  • Should be registered through an Amway Business Owner. No direct enrollment.
  • Registration can be done in office or through website.
  • To register as new Preferred Customer, he has to send sms from his cell number as Amway to 56767  and he will receive OTP  and instructions to register online
  • If a desiring customer doesn’t know an ABO, company will refer one.
  • Registration for PC and PC conversion to ABO will be done between 5th to 24th of every month.
  • No documents required.
  • If the PC doesn’t make any purchase in the past 12 months, he will lose his PC status.

How it impacts an existing Amway Business Owner or Amway Distributor?

  • To receive earned differential commission he need to have 3 buying preferred customers in that month.
  • ABO will receive PV/BV benefit.
  • Trade discount from preferred customer business.
  • Any ABO can request to change as preferred customer.

Registering New Amway Business Owner

To start building Amway business, one need to get sponsored as an Amway Business Owner by another existing ABO. KYC documents and bank details need to be submitted.

  • He can buy products.
  • He can register a customer.
  • He cannot sponsor an ABO.
  • He will have to go through a mandatory training for 5-7 minutes online or through phone.
  • Call has to be made by the ABO registered mobile number.
  • He should have minimum 3 buying customers (PC).
  • After all the above conditions met, he will become sponsor capable and can recruit a sales team.
  • PC converted to ABO – FPO will start from the date of conversion to ABO and not the joining date as a PC.
    There should be at least 3 buying customers to get the differential.

Business volume from preferred customers will be shown separately as CPV (Customer Point Value).

Amway safeguards the data of preferred customers. No upline will be able to see the preferred customer details of their own downlines.

Happy Business.

68 thoughts on “Amway India Preferred Customer Program

  1. Tintus purti

    Abo is converted to pc yesterday, he was an active abo doing volume and joining, lost abo status because he didn’t have 3 pc, what can I do to convert him back to abo(6 month cool off period is very much time)

  2. Adnan

    Link or procedure to make PC to ABO… or send doc.. snap shot

  3. onkar singh

    amway shoul remove the condition of PC for every abo for any purpose if they want to continue in India. thanx.

    1. Vijay Post author

      No. There is no minimum PV requirement. Bills on 3 pcs is must.

  4. Ramprakash Khandhadia

    Please refer to my querry of 17/09/ 2016. I have not received any reply till this date. Will you please reply soon ? My querry is reproduced below for immediate reference.


    “As of this date what is finally decided by Amway regarding loyalty point value earned by a Preferred Custmer, i.e. Whether it is Rs. 25/- or Rs. 100/- per loyalty point ? Secondly, how can a PC redeem his loyalty points earned ? Can the value of loyalty points be adjusted by Amway by way of discount on his purchase in the next or any subsequent month ? So that the PC making on line purchase has to pay that much amount less at the check-out point while placing his purchase order ?Please clarify SOON so that I can inform my fresh PCs who have made their first purchases during August-2016.”

    1. Vijay Post author

      Sorry for the delay. It is 1 point for Rs. 100. Yes he can adjust his accrued points in purchase but don’t know the timing of redemption. Will update once I get clarity from reliable sources.

      1. Ramprakash Khandhadia

        Please let me know now when and how can PCs redeem their loyalty points in new purchases ?

        Ramprakash Khandhadia




  6. Ramprakash

    As of this date what is finally decided by Amway regarding loyalty point value earned by a Preferred Custmer, i.e. Whether it is Rs. 25/- or Rs. 100/- per loyalty point ? Secondly, how can a PC redeem his loyalty points earned ? Can the value of loyalty points be adjusted by Amway by way of discount on his purchase in the next or any subsequent month ? So that the PC making on line purchase has to pay that much amount less at the check-out point while placing his purchase order ?

    Please clarify SOON so that I can inform my fresh PCs who have made their first purchases during August-2016.

  7. Dhirendra

    I agree with the comment of PIYUSH KUMAR…………..A new ABO is new in AMWAY & may face difficulties in getting the targets……………………………So all should be treated as ABO & avail products for life long & no conversion should be there & all Leaders should promote their downlines to purchase more products from AMWAY………….

  8. Elvis Fernandes

    Does the pc have to be in seperate legs or if they are in one leg it will do to earn difference in commision

    1. Vijay Post author

      PC means they should be directly registered by you. Those registered by your leg or team won’t be counted as your PC.

  9. Mona

    New 3 PC registration is compulsory for every month to get differential commission or once a year? and same 3 pc purchase will count every month in case they purchase every month or it has to be different PC every month?

    1. Vijay Post author

      No. You can do with only 3 PCs. No need to register new PCs month on month. But if you do, its good for your business in general.

  10. Amit Krishna

    Yesterday I got a message “Dear Customer,Your request for conversion from ABO to PC is successfully processed. Thanks, Amway India.”

    But I didnt request for this, then how did it change? And what is the limitations of PC?
    Please give me information.

    1. Vijay Post author

      Please contact Amway office immeeiately if you didn’t raise the request.

      Limitations of preferred customer are

      1. He can’t recruit or sponsor
      2. Product rationing
      3. No commission and trade discount.

  11. Karthic Ganesan

    Hi Vijay,

    We didn’t submit our bank details within the stipulated time. So, we lost our ABO and downgraded to PC. How do we get back our ABO? Could you detail me the procedure?

    1. Vijay Post author

      Hi Karthic,

      You can always get back as ABO but you can’t get back your LOS or old team.

      You can continue with old sponsor or find new one and submit application with KYC docs and bank details.

      Within 90 days of joining, should have more than 3 preferred customers.

      To retain your ABO status, should earn commission at least once in 12 months.

  12. Sahil

    Hello Vijay,
    I am a old ABO, I want to know if I registered 3PC’s in one month & if those 3 PC’s are actively buying their requirements directly from amway through out the year . So to earn differential commission I need to add 3 PC’s month on month basis or the buying of those old 3 PC’s help me fulfill my eligibility to earn differential commission.

    1. Vijay Post author

      Hello Sahil,
      No. Not needed to register 3 PCs month on month. You need to have three buying customers. You can manage just with three PCs. Happy Business

    1. Vijay Post author

      No minimum PV required. It can be done with one Amla or even one LOC sachet.


    Sir i am an old abo but haven’t submitted my bank details. How will i get my commission, in which way will i get commission as before Amway used to send cheques now what is option for me?

    1. Vijay Post author

      Dear Sir,

      The only mode Amway pays is through bank electronic transfer. They have made it mandatory that without bank account, one cannot even register as an Amway Business Owner (ABO) now.

      To protect your Amway business, immediately give your bank details to Amway and do some billing. Otherwise you may lose your ABO status and changed as preferred customer

  14. Vatsal

    I want to become a distributor without any sponser is it possible?

    1. Vijay Post author

      No. Without sponsor no one can become distributor. If you don’t know anyone, the company will allocate some distributor to sponsor you.

  15. Partho B

    For Amway distributors, do sales accumulate month on month basis for calculating commissions? If a distributor sells items worth Rs. 10,000 every month, will he earn same commission for those months?

    1. Vijay Post author

      No. Sales do not accumulate. Month Starts from zero.

      Yes. He will get the same commission, if he continues to get the same business done every month.

  16. ramamoorthy d

    What if as ABO (one registered 5 years back) I buy for 300 PV & I don’t have any PC purchasing under me. Will I get differential commission??? of 6%

    1. Vijay Post author

      If whole 300 PV is done by you, that is if ppv=300, you will get 6%.

      If ppv is 100 and teaam or GPV is 200, then you won’t get commission for 200 GPV sales

    1. Vijay Post author

      They are the success principles followed by BWW team which builds Amway business globally for more than 40 years. Will write seperate posts on that. Happy business.

    1. Vijay Post author

      the form is sent through email. Thanks for using our blog. Happy Business!!!

    1. Vijay Post author

      No such minimum PV requirement is defined. Let us see what they are going to do in future.

  17. Manoj

    Want to know what caused Amway for this move and how this is going to benefit the business growth

  18. Kallol Kr Chakrabarti

    The company is to sell, but it is imposing something unnatural. If an ABO buys for himself and wants to make such sponsors who will buy for their use, what is wrong with it. It is absolutely a dictatorship and something to scare after all. It is not encouraging, not to fit on this soil, I feel.

  19. preeti

    what is the redemption calculation of preffered customer? why it is written that 25/- is equal to one point and one point is equal to one rupee?

    1. Vijay Post author

      For example, if you purchase for Rs. 100, you will get 4 points. Cash value of that 4 points is Rs.4/- Alternatively we can understand that we are getting another 4% by way of redemption.

  20. Raks0007

    One side Amway call his distributors as Amway Business Owner and other side Amway is imposing targets to ABO.
    Now my question is where is the Independence?
    Target sounds like employ employer relationship…. PC is a good move for users only, not at-all benefited for ABO’s.

    1. Vijay Post author

      There are loopholes. People who actively build the business won’t see any problem.

  21. Vaibhav

    Hi, I am a ABO. If I was not joined 3 preferred customers in a month. can Amway change me ABO to preferred customer. Actually I want Continue my business. if they can convert me in PC. how can I continue my business. pls. Reply.

    1. Vijay Post author

      Hi, 3 buying preferred customers are needed only to receive the differential commission. Existing ABOs will stay as ABOs even though there is no PC under him, as of now.
      For ABOs joined after November 2015, if he does not attend the mandatory training within 90 days of joining or doesn’t sponsor 3 PCs within 90 days, he will be converted as PC.
      Any ABO can make a request to convert as a PC.

  22. Krishnamoorthy.V

    converting ABO into prefeered customer if they are not buying products may not gel well. The reason being due to onoe relationship one may join but they will become serious in the business may be after 6 months or year. This has happened also. So ABO should not be converted to PC

  23. Krishnamoorthy.V

    give me the site name to register for preferred customer of amway

  24. Vijay Post author

    For clarification, customers cannot join directly with Amway. An ABO need to sponsor him. If the desiring customer doesn’t know an ABO, the company will help him find one.

  25. bharath

    the programme is super but remove the 3 preffered customer pls change some rule it’s become very super

  26. Makki

    Mr. Piyush Kumar.. how it is nice.. don’t you see true cheating nature of Amway. What they say they are Direct selling Company , how come they can sell directly to any one.. that means existing people will not have any downlines.. All those people put their time expecting good life gone. only people benefitted by this would be existing Plantinum and above.. new people can’t grow at all .. or each one can join as Prefered Customer and start their legs.. not to be loyal to their uplines.. This is biggest disappointment for Indian people..This is a stupid move Amway.

  27. keith

    Ideally, FPO should be applicable for PC also… Many customers are attracted toward this offer.. A turn around solution could be to join him as ABO, get FPO and then convert him to PC.

  28. Vijay Post author

    If some part of differential benefit is transferred to Abos, yes, it will definitely give a jump start. On maintaining 3 buying customers, ABOs will find a way because there is no minimum purchase requirement.

    1. Makki

      Don’t you think Amway is cheating you.. for example Mr.X I your neighbor and friend of you. Now he wanted buy something from Amway. Under true direct selling concept Mr.X should join under someone and buy so existing ABO benefitted , now Mr.X can skip everyone join himself so he is directly associated with Amway all exiting ABO cheated. it is bad move of Amway

      1. Er P K Gupta

        Before discussing anything about Amway or his program please get all the fact Mr Makkhi. No one can join Amway directly even not preferred customers. One need a sponsor in any case… so every move is good move of Amway…..


    The programme is very nice but the condition embeded for ABO regarding requirement of 3 preffered customer for getting their differential benefits whereas no differential benefits on the purchase of preferred customer is being awarded. This term will hamper the progress of business as the New ABOs will loose the interest in building the business

    1. Banisha Surong

      3 PC rule is really a tuff task POOR move. All People wants to enroll themselves as ABO’s.
      Only fools will register as pc happy to throw away 10% from their purchase to their sponsor, PC’s are only for those people who are afraid to expose their bank details.
      I couldn’t make even 1pc last month resulting in loosing my differential commission of around Rs. 5000/- I’m in 15% biz.
      Believe me almost all PC’s are immaginary fake name old/lost Ph nos. or email id, Why we cannot register PC without email id here in Shillong, I don’t know other states. But for ABO’s email is not required.
      Apsa80 is mainly for farmers, villagers, without email id. I join some people because of apsa80, they rarely used phones, how can they have email id.
      1. PC is meant for educated people donating 10% to ABO(sponsor)
      2. ABO’s is for uneducated Farmers/Villagers no email id required
      3. The one who frame this rule kindly make some adjustment
      To join as PC I think only Ph No is enough Email not sure if required

    2. joe

      Why do PC needs email ids, unpar will join as pc no one will be happy to donate 10% to their upline


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