Amway Queen Cookware launched in India

By | January 13, 2017

Amway India has introduced its Amway Queen cookware in Indian markets as a new year gift. Launched in 1961, it is being sold in 50 countries. The product range alone sold for over Rs. 256 crores in their Japan market in 2015.

Why Amway Queen?

Indians traditionally use high heating, high water cooking method which may result in destruction of heat sensitive nutrients like Vitamin B, C and folate. Their VITALOK (low temperature)technology, which helps the food to cook in its own normal oil or juice leads to no/low evaporating. Thus retains the natural nutrients of the food.

Utensils made from Aluminum, Non stick Teflon base and stainless steel are used in India. Of those mentioned above, Stainless steel is best suited for cooking on health ground. Aluminum degenerates while heating and is absorbed by food stuffs while teflon coated cookware releases toxic gases including teflon. So the safest material for coking is Stainless steel of the three mentioned above.

Amway queen cookware uses high quality Stainless steel, made from 18/8 Stainless steel and thick 3 Ply/5 ply.


Optitemp zero oil cooking

Amway queen has improved the base of the utensils to multi-ply base which results even distribution of heat. It makes zero oil cooking possible because there is no hot spot. It cooks evenly als also retains heat.

Stack cooking

You can cook several dishes at the same time on a single burner which is called stack cooking. The utensils are designed in such a way to sync with themselves. It can be done in electric, gas and magnetic induction tops. Helps save time.

Low energy consumption

Low to medium heat is more than sufficient. No high flames. This considerably reduces energy consumption.

Amway Queen comes with 30 years warranty and is priced at Rs. 30,000/- for a 5 piece set.

Amway Queen is priced at super premium category and as placed among super premium brands like AMC, Kitchen Aid of Whirlpool and Euroviva of Eureka Forbes.

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