Bicycle. Many Problems – One Solution.

By | July 26, 2015

Cycling gives one solution to many problems. In our country, bicycle is becoming an endangered species. In villages, riding a bicycle has become a sign of poverty. There are many homes without a bicycle who can afford bikes and cars. The most populated country China has bicycles with more than 50% of its citizens. The country next to them ranks nowhere.cycling

Either in the morning or in the evening, when going to office or back home by two or four-wheeler, how much time it takes to travel 10 Kms. During peak hours, one can ride/drive around only 10 Kmph even though the vehicle could top 100 Kmph because of heavy traffic. One can reach the destination at the same time with a good bicycle. Our ancestors traveled at same speed on a bullock cart without causing damage to the environment.

The enormous increase in number of vehicles can be seen on the roads, thanks to the EMIs offered by financial institutions and also the capacity to buy which also has gone up.

In Denmark, people use bicycle for short distance travel. Nearly everyone use bicycle in that country. The same can be seen in many western countries. Riding a bicycle should be entertained by the Government like providing separate lanes and giving some sops. Cycling, as all we know is good for health, environment. It is also good for reducing traffic which is a headache in many metros. It also removes parking issues and will not affect our purse.

Cycling. One prescription for many problems.


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