Business Without Investment

By | May 12, 2016

Business Without Investment

Here we are going to see about the magical phrase “business without investment”. Business and investment are like twins. you cannot separate them. Apart from money, there is also another investment which nobody notice, is TIME. Time invested is the most valuable and important investment.

Business without investment is a phrase fiercely promoted in media particularly in internet. Almost everything may lead to a trap where those who believed and followed might lost their valuable time and money.Business without investment

But still there are few good opportunities available. Since I haven’t come across any business without investment, I recommend few here which are business with very little investment.

Since most of the businesses recommended here can be done part-time and may reap benefit over months and years pass by, don’t do them full-time. There are some 9 to 5 jobs available which may pay less that is only to meet your living expenses but provide you with precious time and energy to build your part-time business. By sticking with such jobs, you will not depend on your part-time business to meet bread & butter and so will not do any foolish thing which may spoil the business.

Let us see them in detail.

Mutual Fund Advisory

Mutual fundThe first business without investment we are going to see is Mutual fund advisory. India is a growing market for mutual funds and there is a huge potential to explore. By passing the qualification exam floated by National Institute of Securities Market (NISM), one can become distributor. The exam fee as of now is Rs. 1500/-. One can register with any number of mutual funds of his wish.

Mutual fund houses remunerate by way of commissions and advisers shall also collect fee from clients.

Read this article from Business Standard to know about the advisers who are making crores of money.


Insurance Advisory

The next business without investment we are going to see is Insurance advisory. Though you can find insurance advisers in every corner of your neighborhood, India is still an under-insured country. Insurance in India is so far and still is sold as an investment product. If you stand different and sell insurance as insurance, there is limitless opportunity.

InsuranceTo get an insurance adviser license, one has to be sponsored through an insurance company and has to pass the qualifying examination conducted by IRDA.

Though there are more than 20 companies operating in India, unlike mutual funds an insurance agent can associate with only one insurance company. So, here, support extended by insurance companies over mutual funds is more in development of agents.

To become an agent, contact the insurance company of your desire and they will extend the help everything under the sun.

There is also an opportunity to do business with one life insurance company and one general insurance company (who provides health insurance, automobile insurance etc)  at the same time.

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Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing (MLM) or Direct selling

According to FICCI-KPMG report, organized direct selling business is valued around 6500 crores in 2015 and is expected to clock 65000 crores by the year 2025.

Network MarketingHit hard by those fly by night operators and unavailability of regulations, still the industry is growing steady and provides opportunity to millions of people.

One can ensure safety by choosing a company among IDSA members. You should always be vigilant as the companies are not directly involving in developing your sales force. You will be guided by your Sponsor, mostly a friend of you and his sponsors.

You may be given wrong guidance either out of greed of your sponsors or by mistake. So it is always good to know and understand your business fast and clear. Most of the IDSA member companies offer money back guarantee and good training support.

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BEWARE… there are many cheating companies. Ensure they are IDSA members before committing and know your business well.

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Chit fund Agent

ChitOnce a small time business, Chit fund become an industry as many corporate are stepping in. They offer good commission to those who promotes. Since the business model is known to every individual, breaking the sales barrier is relatively easy when compared to mutual funds and insurance. Its is the business with no investment as there is no professional education is required.

Direct Sales Agent for Loans

Many financial institutions offer good commission to those bring business for Gold loans, Housing and business loans. Some banks also appoint business facilitators and outsource business.


Other Intermediaries

Intermediaries or brokers or middle men are integral part of any business. Based on your expertise and interest you can work as a broker. It works on the famous principle “Information is Money”. We are living in the information age. Just making connection between the buyer and seller many people are making money.

As the purchasing power of Indians increase, demand for houses and plots also increases. Since larger companies have stepped in to the business of construction ad development of retail plots, villas and flats, the profession of intermediary added color and provide steady income to those who stay longer in the business.

Same way one can do in automobiles like two-wheeler, four-wheeler and in India, marriage brokerage and event planners are also flourishing.

We have seen many opportunities which are business without investments. All the businesses above mentioned require the basic quality, business ethics. One who sees the customer interest before personal interest will definitely succeed.

My personal recommendation is,  do this businesses part-time until you reach sufficient & steady income.

Happy Business!!!!

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