Glaze Trading India Private Ltd

By | July 26, 2015

Glaze Trading India Private Ltd is into direct selling business and registered member company with Indian Direct Selling Association. ( IDSA). They are into this business since 2003 as per their  website.galway

They have wide product range at affordable price from personal care products, beauty, home use and agricultural products.

They market their products under the brand name Galway which has sub brands like  ‘Rupabham’, ‘Kalkim’, ‘Srigunam’ and ‘Dantauram’ for personal care products. Their home use products brand is ‘Grihshoryam’ and products used for agriculture is marketed under the brand ‘Krisham’.

Like many IDSA member Multilevel marketing companies, they offer the products at a discounted price from MRP to the business owners. No details about the business plan is given in their website. There are some negative and positive news floating in the internet.

Since it’s an IDSA member company there cannot be big flaw in their basic business plan. But one should be aware about false promises given by the so-called “upline leaders” who promote the business. Any assurance on quick rich may be a trap.

Ensure that

1. Is money back guarantee on unused products?

2. Is there money back guarantee on the startup cost given?

Above all use your common sense before deciding. Mostly MLM or Network marketing companies recruit through friends and relatives. Even if you are guided by your friend or relative, always remember to use your common sense.



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