How to buy Amway Products?

By | December 30, 2015

Over the years, Amway products has built reputation by themselves, thanks to its superior quality and technology. Even though priced on higher side, people fall in love with them after their first encounter. How to buy Amway products?Amway Home

Largely introduced by friends and relatives, Indians are consuming around Rs. 2000 Crores worth of Amway products annually. The fine link between the consumers and Amway is the distributors who promotes the products. People with entrepreneurial spirit who took this business seriously tasted success and continue to expand to newer markets.

Like insurance agency business, starting the Amway business is very easy and also leaving. Since its entry in 1998, many people entered and left. But before they leave, they introduced the product to at least few people during their few months stay. By the time people who used the products thought of re ordering, the person who distributed the product to them might have left the business. Where to buy? How to but?

Never buy from online Etailers or retail shops

If you search google to buy Amway products, it will lead you to etail sites like Amazon, ebay, flipkart. There we can find listing of Amway products. They are not sold by Amway. The company  does not stand behind the authenticity of such products. By buying through unauthorized channels, the buyer is loosing 100% customer Nutrilitesatisfaction guarantee. Amway is also not selling through shops, supermarkets.

One of the advantage of taking the MLM or direct selling route for any company is eliminating duplicate products. India has a history that even life saving drugs were duplicated and sold in the market.

Since direct selling companies reduced middle men, they shut the door to the culprits. If you buy from an authorized distributor, you can be  sure that you are consuming the original product. Even you can get a sales bill.

Ways to buy Amway products

The traditional way, Find a distributor

The easiest and comfortable way is to find a good Amway distributor and get serviced by him. He will deliver the products to your door step and may suggest the right product for the right person. He may be your friend or neighbor.

Latest Way. Become a preferred customer

You can become a preferred customer and buy directly from Amway. Its free and no hidden costs.  Order can be placed online or through call center or at Amway Touch Points ATP. Products can also bought and get delivered on the spot from their pick up centers.

As a preferred customer you can buy at distributor price and entitled for loyalty points and special offers.

To know more about preferred customers, Read this.

Profitable way. Become a distributor

By completing KYC formalities and submitting bank account details one can easily join as a distributor. A simple IVRS training is suffice. The additional benefit here is, apart from getting the products at discounted price like a preferred customer, the distributor will also get an additional trade discount of 10% which will be credited in their bank account.

Amway delivers directly to home in all major towns. It is very easy to buy Amway products now than ever before.

Buy genuine, get discount and get secured by money back guarantee.




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