How to sell Amway Products or any other direct selling company’s?

By | January 19, 2016

How to sell Amway Products?

Amway and its distributors or any other MLM company make money only from the sales of their products. So the above Sell Amway productsquestion make sense to those already involved in the business and also to those who wants to start the business. But how to sell Amway products still remains a big question among outsiders and also to those fresh entrants. Because

  • Amway products are costly
  • They are not familiar brands
  • Don’t know how to use them and more


Why to sell Amway Products?

Before getting into how part, I want to justify why one should sell Amway Products. If you are sure on WHY part in any endeavor, how to do that doesn’t always matter. Any person with little common send will find a way.

Why to sell Amway productsWe can largely divide the people who starts business with  Amway or any IDSA member direct selling company. They are

  • People who are users of the company’s product for a while and after getting satisfied with the product,  they want to test the business.
  • People who directly  starts the business without any prior usage experience.

Based on my experience in network marketing, a person who are satisfied and loves the product, will stay in the business. So selling the products to customers is also equally important like building a sales team.

Golden rule in Multilevel Marketing is, “Today’s satisfied customer will turn as a successful business builder tomorrow”.

So, always keep some customers and serve them your products.

Let us now see how to sell Amway products.

Know your products well

  • Best way to know about your products is, USE them.
  • Get product knowledge from your uplines and company authorized trainers.
  • Use only company authorized product guides
  • Be proficient about your top 20 products.
  • Never miss product training sessions. Because it is YOUR business.

Have a demo bag

Demo bag is not a technical thing. It is just a bag with used or open products. Ensure to have all your top selling 20 products. Keep them always neat and tidy.

Best Demo: Touch & Feel

Touch and feelInstead of talking more about a product, let the customer touch and feel the products you have. Give them first hand experience. Open the demo bag and ask the customer to go through every product you have.

Instead of you speak about the products, let the products speak for themselves.

Some of my team mates used to leave the demo bag at customer place after the demo and ask the customer’s family to use whatever product they like.

This produced marvelous results, because,

  • People feel free to discuss about the products in the absence of the promoter.
  • Everyone have different needs. You might get orders for different products.
  • Customer will try the product at their convenient time.
  • You have an opportunity to visit the customer again while  collecting the demo bag. Use the time to give further clarification
  •  Never push or force to buy.

Always keep 15 to 20 customers

It is ideal to have 15 to 20 customers always. Why the word “Always” mentioned here is, over the course of time, you might lose a customer on a good or bad note.

On bad side, the customer might lose interest and stop buying for any reason which is not under your control.

On good side, a customer might impressed about the product and more importantly like the way you and your team behave and want to upgrade himself as a business owner.

Both ways you end up loosing a customer. To fill the void you should always keep people in pipeline.

How to do this?

You always have a well-organized prospect list to sponsor. In any business, if the prospect doesn’t like what you offer, he will say NO.

But, the unique direct selling or MLM offers you another question to ask. If he is not interested to start a business with you, you can always ask him to be your customer. Since he already rejected your business offer, the chances of accepting the second offer is more.

Once the prospect accepted to be a customer, show demo.

Always keep enough stock

Usually MLM or network marketing businesses are promoted as ZERO investment business. Even though you can do those business without investment, I recommend you  to have sufficient stock of your top selling products.

Even though you offer an excellent product, customers wont wait for so long to get them delivered. They might get it from other distributor and you may lose them permanently. So always have sufficient stock of fast-moving products.


Almost all direct selling companies associated with IDSA offers 100% money back guarantee. Know about them and use them wisely.

Promote company offers

Most of the companies float monthly offers to boost sales. Promote them among your team. It will increase sales and put more money in your pocket and also in your team members.

These kind of offers transferred to your end customers will give jumbo boost and they value and trust you more.

Sell as a package

Instead of promoting single product, create a pack of 5 or 10 products from various categories and promote. Offer them small gifts.

  • This will increase your sales
  • Customers also getting a gift
  • Since they are using various products, chances of getting regular repeat orders are more.

I have given various ways to sell Amway products or any other direct selling companies products. Apart from these common methods, each companies have their own unique ways. Learn them also and sell well.

If you like the ideas please share them. If you have any ideas and suggestions, please write.

Happy Business!!!







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