Line of Sponsorship – Upline, Downline, Crossline and Sponsor

By | January 26, 2016

Line of Sponsorship

In Network Marketing or MLM business, we often hear about  Line of Sponsorship or LOS. In this post, we are going to see about what it is and its elements like upline, downline, crossline and sponsor.


To start a MLM business as a distributor with any IDSA member network marketing company, one has to be sponsored by some existing distributor. Like, when opening a bank account, we have to be introduced by some existing account holders.

In banking, there won’t be any relationship between the account holder and the introducer any further unless there is any wrong doing on the introduced person’s side.

But in network marketing, the SPONSOR who introduces us to the business will stay with us till the end. He is our immediate UPLINE in the Line of Sponsorship.


The Sponsor is the immediate link between you and the company. There may be many distributors present in between your sponsor and the company. All of them together are called UPLINES.

Line of Sponsorship

Though every upline has business interest in you, the most important person to help you is the person who introduced you to the business, the Sponsor upline.

Since the MLM business mainly deals with people, the level of relationship between you and your sponsor upline may go down due to any reason. That time you will not be left alone. Your sponsor’s sponsor or his sponsor or some of your uplines will always be there to help you.

Even though there are many people in your Line of sponsorship is there to help you to build your business, it is YOU who has to do it. You have to take ownership and act independently as early as possible.


The important element in Line of sponsorship is downlines. These are the people who started the business through you. You have sponsored them. Or they are sponsored by those who are sponsored by you and so on.

There can me many number of downlines either directly or indirectly sponsored by you.

The business generated by these downlines reflect in your income. So they are your own team and you are responsible with your uplines for the growth of them.

They are like your children and grand children. Guide them accordingly.


These guys are sponsored by your sponsors or your uplines.

You and these crosslines constitute your sponsors team. You are like brothers and sisters. Even though you belong to same parent or upline, you share no business interest.

You often meet these crosslines in team meetings and other functions. You are expected not to have business related discussions with them to protect your business.

In this post I have given a snapshot on Line of sponsorship. Hope this helps. If you like it, please share.


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