Percentage of success in MLM

By | October 22, 2015

What is the percentage of success in MLM?

mlmThis question usually pops up to every one before making a decision to start a Multilevel Marketing business. Since it is relatively new industry, data of its own might be misleading.  It is better to take reference from some other industry which operates on more or less similar concept.

MLM companies follows direct selling model like LIC and real estate. Here the underlying products are mostly FMCG and food supplements. Both people build a list of names, make calls, fix appointments, make product presentation, close sale and get leads. The only thing the MLM guy do differently is setting up sales teams of his own.

The percentage of success in MLM come close to that of insurance which is somewhere around 12% to 15%. This explains that failure rate in MLM is around 85 to 90%

Like the above mentioned businesses, if you deliver consistent and persistent effort, no one can stop you from getting succeed. If not, you will be phased out of business.There is no hidden secret.

In addition to direct sales income from products, you also have an option to set-up your own sales team. You will also get rewarded from the business your team creates. But it’s not mandatory to set up a team.

You can find highly successful and failure insurance agents in the world. Success depends on the people. Same way success in MLM business can also be measured.

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