Proposal form

By | June 10, 2013
A proposal form is the application we sign to get an Insurance policy. We sign under the declaration that information given above are true to best of our knowledge.

But actually most of us didn’t even go through the form but sign blank. Usually insurance agents collect some information from us after getting signature in blank form and fills it at his leisure, submits to the office.  

This practice should completely be avoided and the even though we don’t fill the form, at least, the agent should fill it before us. We have to sign the document after going through the written information. This will secure the future of our family and ease the claim process in case anything bad happens.

After getting personal details like, name, address, phone nos etc, questions will be based on our life style habits like smoking, drinking, our job nature and place of work, family history and financial questionnaires. If the life insured is a smoker and tells about this in the proposal form, insurance will be issued with little higher premium. But if he conceals the fact in the form, and in case of claim, during inquiry if its found that false information was given, the insurer has the right to reject the claim.

So  please give information to the best of your knowledge..

Happy Protection  

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