Was he really cheated by Amazon? An interesting story.

By | August 27, 2016

I got a call from my customer that, he was cheated by Amazon and needed my help to resolve. Based on my experience, I know, Amazon is very good at treating their customers. So I thought some error would have happened and asked about the problem. He said that he ordered two items from Amazon a month back but didn’t receive them so far. His card also debited for those two items.

I couldn’t believe because I am dealing with Amazon shipments through a premium logistics provider for the past three years. Among those top online market place, I believe Amazon’s response to customer grievance is the best in the industry.

So I asked them to visit my office with amazon username and password. Within minutes, three guys in their early twenties visited me. I asked them whether they received any text message or email from Amazon. Those who are familiar with online purchase know that after the order is through, they will receive few text messages and emails with order and tracking details. The answer was a big “NO” and said they don’t use email. But they had the App installed and   showed me the details from that.

They made the order only 15 days back, not a month back as stated over phone. So I believed the shipments should be in transit. Both items were Apple smart watches booked at unbelievable prices that is Rs. 99/- each. They said that, that is the offer they received and booked them immediately because the deal was jaw dropping. Even I was also envy about the deal.So I tried to check the tracking details. To my amusement, there was no tracking details. I never seen anything like that. Even for closed shipments, that is for delivered shipments, data can be seen for the past six months.

Unable to decide what could have happened, I was browsing here and there within the site for more than 15 minutes. At last I got a spark.  I found the word Kindle nearby the order tracking page. Again I visited the product details. Its was similar to the one displayed below.

The person, out of ignorance, ordered Kindle eBooks for Apple smart watch. Since both books were holding images of different smart watches, the have mistaken that they were smart watches at unbelievable prices.

Since they are eBooks, there were no tracking details available and were immediately delivered to their kindle devices after payment.

This is a new experience even to me and explained them the story. They moved with smile.

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