How to show the plan in MLM or Network Marketing ?

By | June 28, 2016

How to show the plan in MLM or Network Marketing?

This post will give various options and steps on how to show the plan in MLM or Network marketing. Since our blog talks only about IDSA or WFDSA member companies, this post will also revolve around genuine direct selling companies.

Binary Companies or schemers, please forgive as that is not my cup of tea.

Let us get into details.

We are not going to talk about the “inviting” part as it will be covered in our future post.

Direct Approach

Tell about the purpose of the meet at the beginning itself.  The business model is in existence for more than 50 years. Their father might have known what you are going to talk about. So forget about the age-old habit of creating curiosity and dragging the convo for hours without even hinting what you are up to.

Tell that you are there to present a business opportunity and possibly name of the company also. This will ease them at least and will feel comfortable throughout the presentation.

Decide whom youprospect are going to show

The beauty of the MLM business is anyone can step in and get succeeded. That is youth or aged, educated or uneducated, wealthy or broke, men or women, any person with sound mind.

Some may get in, to make few thousands and some to build a business empire. So plan your content before delivery.

It is wrong to say right things to wrong person. It is good to show the plan in MLM or Network marketing according to the need or type of the prospect. So design your business plan accordingly.

Focus on the “WHY” part

Money can be made in number of ways. But why to choose MLM or network marketing?why

Give short notes on

  • Extra Income
  • Extraordinary Income (Passive Income)
  • Time & Money Freedom
  • Big Network of Friendship
  • Global Business
  • Foreign and Local Trips
  • Training & Development
  • Potential of the industry as it is the business of the 21st Century.
  • Time tested

Narrate about your company

To show the plan in MLM or network marketing, it is good to project as many good things about your company. This may include

  • How long your company in this business
  • Promoter details
  • Products, patents, awards
  • like paying distributors on time and mode of payment

Show your products

All of the IDSA member companies are selling FMCG or Consumer products or health supplements. They make revenue only on sale of products like their counterparts who follow conventional business model. So product is the key.products

Give information on your products and their unique selling points. It is good if you can make your prospects to touch and feel the quality of the products.

Explain where money comes from

I have been watching the industry for more than 10 years. In my experience, many people fail in this critical phase of showing the plan.

They spend lots of time in getting out the prospect’s dreams and wishes but won’t spend a fraction of time to tell about the income plan. Give at least 20 % of the time of show the plan in MLM or Network Marketing in this important element.

  • Explain Multilevel Marketing vs Conventional Marketing
  • Explain them the cost involved in the conventional distribution system like commissions paid to business partners, huge spend on advertisement, salary to the big sales force are diverted to the income plan.
  • Explain your compensation plan but don’t make it complex which may lead to confusion.

One of my reporting boss in insurance carrier used to advice, ” Don’t show your smartness to the prospect and overload him with informations. Just say what is needed.” So always keep it short and simple.success

  • Show them success profile, which almost all of the companies have. It is a good tool where prospect can relate them to a person who already succeeded.
  • Give reference on various pin level income like Amway’s Founders Platinum, Founders Emerald and Founders Diamond. Give only authentic and approved information.
  • Give them some product samples and information booklet for their reference.
  • Visit them within two days to close the deal. Answer genuine questions. If you feel he is postponing unnecessarily, tell them that he can start his business whenever he wish. Till then ask him to be your loyal customer for some of the products. This is greatly useful to maintain contact with the prospect. Most of the customers who satisfied with the product will start building business with you.
  • Never force or compel. It will decrease your reputation and also company’s.

I have covered most of the key topics. If you feel something can be added, please write.

Happy Business.

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  1. Ali

    Most people do not get in because of the doubt they have whether they can really make it in this business. Self esteem, not knowing enough people, wrong perception of the industry / company – all these deter people frm getting in.

    What aspect of these blockers and how much can we share during “showing the plan”.

    – Ali


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