Tiens India Offer

By | July 8, 2016

Tiens India offer 1 July 2016

Tiens India Offer BCMBuy one BCM and get one F & V Cleaner free or

One Tiens Multifunctional apparatus Free and one SAMe 200 free.

F&V are in limited stock , offer open till stock lasts.

Tiens India Offer same_200Tiens India offer 2 July 2016

Buy one SAMe 200 and one Business Kit (Single Order Form)

and Get One SAMe 200 Free

Tiens India offer 3 July 2016

Buy one SAMe 400 and one Business Kit (Single Oder Form)

and Get One SAMe 400 Free

Bali Once Again – BOA Policy

This policy for all those Distributors who may have missed the qualification during the last Bali Policy.

This BOA policy will also encourage all 5 Stars to change rank to 6 stars

Bonus month of July 2016 only.

This promotion is open to all new and existing Distributors of India.

Transfer of qualifications is not possible

Please go through for more details of BOA policy.

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