How to watch amazon prime video?

By | January 20, 2017

How to watch amazon prime video?

Amazon has introduced its video streaming or downloading app called amazon prime video in India. The app is available in both android and ios stores. Users can enjoy high quality movies and tv programs through the app. Since the amazon prime video is introduced as a subscription model, even latest movies are available to watch which can’t be found in any legal free video sharing sites.

As an introductory offer, amazon is gifting a free 30 days trial to experience their latest product. Knowing that free offer I immediately downloaded the app and was ready to watch my favorite movie.

After installing the amazon prime video app, it asked me to login using my amazon account. I provided them and was open to the large collection of movies and TV shows.

The problem

I selected my favorite movie and was taken to the below screen.

I tried all the innovative methods to view the video but couldn’t find any link to complete the task. I tried for the help inside and also failed to get a good answer for the google query “how to watch amazon prime video”.

ThenĀ I logged in to amazon using my credentials. The site thrown few offers before me and one such was as shown in the below image.

To try amazonĀ Prime, I clicked on that image and it took me to the below screen.

After clicking the button, my amazon prime video 30 days free account is activated.

Then I used my amazon account to login to my amazon prime video app. The same screen received me and after clicking on my favourite movie to watch, the below screen appeared before me with options to watch movie and download. A big relief.

That is, to enjoy amazon prime video, prime subscription is mandatory

After free trial period, the annual subscription is priced at Rs. 999/- but is now available at an introductory offer of Rs. 499/-. It provides us with unlimited movies, TV shows and Amazon originals. Amazon also delivers the merchandize to our doorstep without any delivery charges and first 30 minutes of an offer day is specially reserved for prime only customers.

Enjoy Amazon Prime video!!!



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