What’s wrong with Multilevel Marketing?

By | October 8, 2015

What’s wrong with Multilevel Marketing?

Multilevel marketing or Network marketing companies are often become famous for all the wrong reasons. What’s wrong with Multilevel Marketing?

Can’t single-out. There are three major factors.

The company and The people you are going associate with and most importantly YOU.

The CompanyThe company

People often get trapped by the flyby night operating companies who promises unbelievable returns. There is no easy money. Choose a company from the direct selling association of respective countries like IDSA. All MLM companies are not good companies. Same way all MLM companies are not bad. Good analysis should be performed before commitment. Choose the best among the best.

The people who are going to guide you

PeopleNow comes the people. Most of the people step into this business by believing the words of their friends or relatives. Knowingly or unknowingly they may guide you wrong even if the company is the best of the best.
Also, bad people live everywhere. They do business with good and bad companies. Even if the company is good, if you are guided by wrong people, there no difference. The savior is COMMON SENSE.
There is a famous quote “common sense is commonly uncommon in common people”.
Use your common sense. Know your business and products very well.you

Don’t blindly trust anyone.

Don’t involve full-time. Always do it in spare time or part-time until you reach far than good income.
Don’t buy products to close the monthly targets. Buy only when needed.
Attend all business teaching sessions to equip yourself and start working independently.
Be consistent and persistent. Continuous efforts will reap rewards.
Treat this as a business and always approach it professionally.
It’s a billion dollar industry. Act accordingly.


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